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Just arrived back home! What a wild ride, but glad to be home. Ok now it’s time for my vacation from my vacation from my vacation.


I couldn’t sleep and I’ve yet to play anything at the casino next door, so I took a gander. Turns out they play no limit Hold’em at night. It’s been a while since I’ve played (roughly 5 years), so I wasn’t expecting genius play but the most difficult thing was almost no one spoke any English. It was fun though.

I’ll have to play again before I head out.

More shots of Los Tres Ojos

Today Dave and I were thwarted in our attempt to rent a car. But it didn’t stop us from finding a really cool place to check out. We went to Los tres ojos (translated - the three eyes)

It’s this cool underground cavern with 4 underground lakes.
The water was super clear, and it had all kinds of wild life. Sort of surprising.

Good all around fun. Good night Dominican Republic.

It’s been interesting how quickly the weather can change, and when it rains it rains hard.

But it never lasts for more than 30 minutes then it’s beautiful again.

Ps we got an ocean side view, pretty sweet huh

The first 2 days David and I have been exploring Santo Domingo including the historical downtown and a castle. It’s been a good relaxing time.

Here’s a couple of pictures of me and David, the first one I caught David off guard😊 then we needed a real one.

Finally I went back to the hostel to socialize with my bunk mates. We ended the day with a bomb fire on the beach. What a fantastic way to end my Costa Rican adventure!

And after 2 hours of surfing in a manner only I would, I went on a 10km hike to a huge waterfall - Cataratas Nauyaca.

Learning to surf!

Yesterday was my last full day in Costa Rica so I made sure it was a fun one. First in the morning I finally took a surf lesson. The water was gorgeous, the surf was the perfect for beginners and I had a good teacher. I got up a bunch on huge 11ft board so I made my way dozen to a 8ft by the end of my lesson. I’ll definitely need to practice some more before I’m riding inside the waves curl.

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